Need of Blockchain​

Blockchain is a technology to create and maintain a cryptographically secure, shared, and distributed database for transactions. Blockchain brings trust, accountability, and transparency to digital transactions.

Blockchain is being praised as a technological innovation which allows to revolutionize how society trades and interacts. This reputation is in particular attributable to its properties of allowing mutually mistrusting entities to exchange financial value and interact without relying on a trusted third party. A blockchain moreover provides an integrity protected data storage and allows to provide process transparency.

Career in Blockchain​

Blockchain jobs are growing at 60% every year. Definitely this technology is here to stay but the problem is there are no practically skilled resources to fulfill the industry demands. Realizing the gap between industry and resources, Corum8 have designed cryptocurrency and blockchain courses which will help both commerce and engineering students to get industry knowledge as well as become financially independent.

Career in Cryptocurrency​​

Cryptocurrency market has been growing around the world for a long time. After a few road blocks in the past years, the market is now seeing huge surge in consumer base from India as well. People have increased using and trading in cryptocurrencies in the recent months. Cryptocurrency trading ensures financial self-dependency for individual while also ensuring quality life by huge profits a person can make if he knows how to do what he is doing.

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